Big Skye Golden Retrievers

About us and our dogs..


We are proud breeders of dogs that excel in homes as family pets, as well as have the potential to be successful in all realms of competitive endeavors. Our goal is to produce healthy Goldens of sound temperament, correct conformation, athleticism and willing and eager to learn.

All of our Goldens that are bred have their clearances as required by the Golden Retriever Club of America. We occasionally have litters of puppies available for both performance and companion homes. As responsible breeders, the health, happiness and well-being of each of our puppies are very important to us. Our puppies are all socialized in a home environment so they can become stable and happy members of any family and community. We work diligently to assess the temperament of each dog we place so that it will blend well with its new family.

It is our policy that all puppies sold to homes as companions will be sold on a limited registration under a purchase agreement that requires spaying or neutering. This helps preserve the integrity of the breed.

Potential homes should fully understand the needs of a Golden Retriever and be willing to meet these needs. This includes being able to offer a safe, loving, responsible and permanent home where the dog's exercise, nutritional, companionship and veterinary requirements are met and provided.

We do not sell to third parties, brokers or pet stores. Puppies are available to leave for their new homes no earlier than 8 weeks of age depending on their mode of travel their new home. Puppies are picked up at our home in Stevensville.  Other arrangements for delivery can be made including shipping or we can arrange to meet you at an agreed upon location. 

We look forward to talking with you about our goals and future litters!

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